Our first class trip – strong together

Was war das für eine tolle Woche. Im Sprachcamp trafen wir auf tschechische Schüler aus Prag. Mit ihnen verbrachten wir viele Stunden zum Thema “Space”. Wir bastelten Raketen und besuchten das Raumfahrtmuseum in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz. Auch durfte im schönen Vogtland nicht der Besuch auf der Großschanze in Klingenthal fehlen. Nach einer rasanten Fahrt auf der Sommerrodelbahn […]

Safety first - by bike to school

Ein verkehrssicheres Fahrrad ist ebenso wichtig wie eine sichere Fahrweise und Reaktionsweg + Bremsweg = AnhaltewegDies und viele andere wichtige Dinge für den Straßenverkehr konnten unsere 5. Klassen bei unserem alljährlichen ADAC-Verkehrssicherheitstag erfahren. Auf einem Parcour wurden verschiedene Fähigkeiten, wie z.B. beim Fahren über ein schmales Brett, beim einhändigen Fahren, beim Passieren einer Kurvenstrecke oder […]

Hot Dog Time

On 21.09.23 the school kiosk of class 9 took place in the IOM as every Wednesday. Sandwiches, hot dogs and freshly baked, great smelling (still warm) American cookies were sold. We were happy about the great rush of students and of course teachers. The most popular were the delicious hot dogs. To our delight, there were [...]

Whats that green thing over there? Oh it's a soldier!

On Aug. 31, 2023, our 8th graders were invited to Gleina for a taster session with the component forces. The air force's detached technical platoon monitors Germany's airspace, among other things. All military and civilian professions of the Bundeswehr were explained to our students up close. They were allowed to ask questions, touch, try out and make each other up with camouflage make-up. There were lots of vehicles [...]

Welcome in our school

On 21.08.2023 all students of IOM welcomed the new 5th classes in the gym. Following an old custom, the current 6th graders each presented a small sugar cone to one of the new students. And before we know it, the new 5th graders will soon be handing out the sugar cones.

An unforgettable adventure in Prague

During the last week of school, we embarked on an exciting trip to Prague. From historical sights to unique cultural experiences, we were fortunate to enjoy a variety of activities that left us with lasting memories and smiles on our faces. Our first highlight was a city tour through the charming streets of Prague. We [...]


On 01.07.2023 it was finally so far. The graduating class of 2023 could ceremoniously receive their certificates. In the final speech of class teacher Mrs. Hofmann it became sentimental once again. They reminisced about the last six years. We wish all graduates a good start in everything they are going to do. ¡Buen viaje! Have a good trip! Bon [...]

André and the morning girls

On 22.06.2023 we had a visit from Radio Zwickau and André Hardt with his show "Schulstunde auf Tour". What a great luck, we could win 500€ for the class treasury. Together with André we did a sports session in our gym. Class 9b competed against André in various disciplines such as push-ups, rope jumping and planks. The [...]

Art competition#2023

Old and young - strong together! This was one of three themes in this year's European competition, for which students could paint, draw, write stories or even make music. Hellen Rabe from Class 9a at IOM decided to draw a picture on this theme using watercolors. Out of almost 70,000 entries nationwide and 900 [...]

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